Onion and Walnut Chutney

Prep Time: 0:15
Cook Time: 0:55
Makes: 1

Ingredients / Shopping List

2 large onions

100g walnuts

400ml red wine

50g brown sugar

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

100g pitted soft prunes

30g butter

10g dark chocolate

Prep to Cook: Pan, wooden spoon, vegetable knife chopping board, polythene bag, rolling pin, kitchen scissors

Prep: Peel the onions, cut each onion in half and then slice them twice 

Now slice the onion halves thinly and put into the pan with the butter

Gently fry off the onions for around 15 minutes to soften them (do not burn them)

Put the walnuts in a polythene bag and crush them to smaller but still nutty pieces

Stir into the onions

Add the sugar and the vinegar and stir well

Add the wine

Continue to cook the mixture gently until it is thicker and looks rich and dark.  About 45 minutes.

Just before you stop cooking it add 10g dark chocolate.  Allow it to melt and stir to combine. 

Check it out!

Making a nutty chutney is easier than you think.  It is one of those extras that nearly always gets a compliment!   Make it and eat it, or make it as a present for foodie friends.

This is basically a chutney and can be made well in advance and stored

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: Using balsamic vinegar is a way of adding acid to a stewed mixture that will help it to keep well.  The conditions for food spoilage bacteria will NOT be suitable.  Sugar will also help to hold water in the product and make it unavailable for spoilage bacteria.  The flavour of the mixture comes from the sweetness of prunes, wine, onions and walnuts.  It has ‘bite’ from the nuts and works well served with cold or hot meats, cheese boards and pies.  Store the chutney in a Kilner jar or in a screw top jar.