Dim Sum Lesson

Meet the Head Chef from The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong and have a dim sum lesson.

Foodie sights in Hong Kong street markets

Walking the streets of Hong Kong brings sights and smells that are unique. Take a look at some of these images.

Eat and move in Hong Kong

Moving around Hong Kong or between Hong Kong Island and other islands nearby can be fun. You can take a tram ride, ferry boat, bus, or subway. You will see many differing forms of transport as you journey to the many restaurants and interesting food outlets. Scroll through some images of life in Hong Kong:

Haute Alps Food Market

The Cookery Teacher visits Veynes a village in the Haute Alpes de ProvenceA visit to the French Alps always involves a trip round the local market. In the High Alps market day is a social event and not to be missed. Join me as I take in the sights and sounds of Veynes market day.

Munich Food Market

Munich was a short trip but packed with wonderful foodie experiences. I had heard of the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) that runs every year from end of November until December 24 but not of the Victualienmarkt (Victuals Market).

Bury Market

If you are a foodie and can get to Lancashire it is a must visit this venue.

All About Tapas

Tapas are small savoury snacks that accompany drinks. Tapa is the word for a ''saucer.' Saucers were reportedly used to cover drink glasses to keep out flies. Gradually, so the story goes, the saucer began to carry little morsels of food and so the beginnings of the wide variety of tapas grew.

Food Markets in Madrid

I must tell you about the food markets in Madrid. I went to three. One was a tourist hot spot that was in all the Visit Madrid books. It was an old iron-framed market place that had been upgraded and re-styled. It was called Mercado de San Miguel.

Food and Life in Madrid

Visiting Madrid opened my eyes to a different way of eating through the day.