Cranberry and Orange Marmalade
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Ingredients / Shopping List

300g fresh cranberries

Two mandarin oranges

200g granulated sugar

1 star anise

100m fresh orange juice

Prep Time:   0:05
Cook Time:   0:15
Serves:   0

Prep to Cook: Chopping board, large deep sided thick base pan, jug, wooden spoon, washed jam jars.


1.  Prep the mixture:

Weigh out the sugar

Place the whole oranges and orange juice in a pan

Add the fresh cranberries

Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 5 minutes

Add the sugar and boil for 4 minutes

Stir – and add a little more juice if it seems too dry

Break up the mandarins to release flavour and then remove them

Allow to cool.

2.  Prep to bottle:

Fill empty jam jars with boiling water and allow to stand for 2 minutes

Fill the jars

Cover the top with cling film

Screw the lids in place

Label the jars.

Store in refrigerator and serve with cold ham, turkey or lamb

Check it out !

Cranberry and orange marmalade sauce is simple to make and is a must when the cranberries come into the shops.  Home-made sauce has a much sharper flavour than the bought variety. It keeps for several weeks and adds wonderful flavour and colour to roast meats and cold meats.

Cranberries are only in season for a short while – they have a sharp flavour that contrasts well with fatty food such as meats and cheese.  Try cheese on toast with a layer of cranberry and orange marmalade sauce.

Cooks Know How: Cranberry and orange marmalade hits the spot for learning how to make a preserve in its simplest form.  You will see how sugar cooks and softens the fruits and sweetens the mixture.  You will notice how the mixture sets when it is cold and really keeps well. Once again it offers an opportunity to make it as a small gift – especially as cranberries are in season prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas food fests.

Next Time

This will probably the next year!  Fresh cranberries are available for only a short while but they are so beautiful in both colour and flavour I think it is worth buying an extra bag and putting them straight into the freezer – no preparation is required just pop the whole bag of cranberries in and use them later.  They make great addition to stewed apples or stewed rhubarb.