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  How to make marzipan flowers

If you want to decorate a cake quickly and without too much expense try these yellow marzipan rose flowers.



You need one block of yellow marzipan, cling film, a sharp knife and a plate to put the completed roses on.

Step 1: cut the marzipan block and make 7 small balls of marzipan about the size of mint imperials.

Step 2:  Flatten one ball of marzipan on a piece of cling film and cover the flattened piece with more cling film.

Press the  edge of the petal really flat under the cling film.  Lift it carefully by the thicker edge and roll it up

Step 3:  Flatten another piece of marzipan and wrap it around the rolled up rose.


Step 4:  Flatten more pieces and keep wrapping them, overlapping the petals.  Curl the petals back slightly to make them look natural.


Step 5:  Keep adding petals and finally trim off any lumpiness under the rose and lay it flat to set.

Step 6: Allow the roses to dry overnight.  Do not cover.


Add some green icing leaves to make your special yellow rose cake.


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