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  Dim Sum Lesson


Meet the Head Chef from

The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

 a dim sum lesson.

He started by weighing potato starch and corn starch in equal quantities on his traditional weighing scales. Other ingredients were boiling water and scallion (spring onion greens) ground with water and sieved to supply a wonderful fresh green colour.  The dough was made by working in the boiling water (by hand!) and enough green juice for half the dough to be green dough

The dough was worked on the surface until it was pliable, soft and smooth.  It was important to wrap the dough to prevent it drying out.  Now the shaping, firstly a thin roll of dough was chopped into even portions about 10g each.  A cleaver knife, wiped on a damp cloth, was used to shape the dough on the chopping board.

Each small ball of dough was firstly flattened on the board. The cleaver spread the dough into a circular shape as thin as a wafer and swiftly lifted it from the board.

A pile of dim sum pastry was made and the fillings arrived ready prepared, to make the pastry wraps.

We then filled each pastry and pleated the Dim Sum into ‘small purses’  Seven little pleats made a perfect purse, needless to say we did not master the technique!  Paper liners in the traditional wooden steamers waited for our efforts in pale green and white. They were covered and placed on the steamer.  6-8 minutes of steaming gave us some wonderful samples to taste.

We had such a wonderful experience in the kitchens followed by luncheon in the Spring Moon Restaurant at the Peninsula, Hong Kong. A glorious, cool, calm interior in the traditional Cantonese style of the 1920′s.  Dim sum selections served at lunchtime in the Spring Moon.The perfect ending to a very special lesson that will never be forgotten.

Take a peek at the Peninsula Hong Kong  - My stay was memorable!?








































































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